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There is a very valid reason to not want the +1 G+ on Youtube videos. Youtube is/was one of the last bastions on the interwebs where you could actually post something and have no one know who you are. With the "real names only" Google plus, that becomes an issue. I give you case in point. I am an atheist. I live in the dead center of the bible belt. While in an interview they cannot ask me my religion, they sure as heck can Google my name. Now I'm certain there will be ways to block off and privatize the things you +1 (I hope) - but I really don't want potential employers seeing that I +1'ed a Penn and Teller pro-atheist video. In this economy, I have to be careful. Basically what this tells me is I am slowly becoming unable to express myself at all online without the fear and threat of potential employers seeing it and judging me by that. Can I not just have a place where my opinion doesn't have to be shouted to the world, but can still be expressed? Sadly if this happens I'll probably have to just not "+1" videos - I really can't afford the potential problems. Sure I can try to be completely diligent about it - but something always gets forgotten. It's the same reason I don't post things on Facebook, even though I have my security set high. The potential risk is too great. And please don't tell me 'well just move' as an answer to my problem. I have to stay here to assist my aging parents.
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Ahhh the memories...for me most vivid are 2 things, both at the Topsail Beach Putt-Putt arcade...Karate Champ - I got so good I simply couldn't lose. To this day I can remember the combo of moves I could never win. I'd just get tired and hand off to another kid...then when Dragon's Lair first came...what beautiful graphics yet sucky gameplay... Indeed happy memories are made of this :-)
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Ooooooooooooooooooooooo Wil vs Vork....ZOMG! *faints from awesome overload*
Toggle Commented Jul 31, 2009 on Axis of Anarchy RULES! at WWdN: In Exile
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By the gods of all that is interwebsian - that room was filled with more massively creative geekly talent than could possibly be contained in one building safely! If ever there was a reason to have a geekasm, that picture was it...I envy all who were there!
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