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Melissa Brooks
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I do app workshops and show many of the apps I have and would this one to share with the teacher/therapists and parents...I also have a 10 yr old who is nonverbal and currently using another AAC app. Thanks!
That looks like a lot of fun for my boys, who are homeschooled! Ha, I've got one who would also probably be a big fan of the fire experiments!:)
I can really see this helping my boys that I homeschool with math, conversions are really hard for them. This app looks great!! Thanks for the opportunity to win it!:)
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I had heard of it, but not really checked it out until now, thanks for doing the giveaway!:)
This app looks great, would love to try it with my daughter with autism...thanks!:)
I currently own TeachMe Kindergarten to try with my youngest with autism, it is still a bit too hard for her, so think I'm going to get Toddler! So, I have also been wanting to try the 2nd Grade for my boys that are struggling learners. One spells very well, but one has a very difficult time still with simple subtraction and the other with writing and with spelling. I think it could benefit both of them. It looks like it could be very motivating for them, looks great!:) Thanks...will pass these on to my other homeschool friends and friends in the autism community!:)
I homeschool 3 kiddos and think this app would be great for my 2 boys, thanks! Please enter me into the drawing!:)
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I have a daughter with autism who is non verbal, would love to try this with her! Thank you!!
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Feb 16, 2012