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Southern Mel
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With the release of Keith Urban's new cd today I just have to say how happy I am for him. Since Nicole came into his life it has really changed him as a person and that speaks for the amazing power of love. I was reading through the booklet that... Continue reading
I was very excited to review these cd's because I personally love to know how a song was transformed from the songwriter's vision to the versions we hear on the radio today. People don't realize that the artists themselves often do not write their own songs. Yes they sing them... Continue reading
From official press release: American schools have become increasingly focused on hiring “highly qualified teachers” – educators who have substantial knowledge and training in the subjects they teach. When inner-city students in St. Louis get a lesson in songwriting this week, they’ll be learning from one of the most highly... Continue reading
I have to admit, I've been really missing Shania Twain lately. I saw her in concert back in 2003, a few years before she disappeared from the country music scene. I've been re-discovering her music lately and really wishing she would put some new music out. It seems that there... Continue reading
So I randomly stumbled upon Kenny Chesney's newly re-designed website tonight. I'm surprised that with the recent announcement of his 2011 stadium tour dates this was not mentioned anywhere. Maybe they figured people would go to the site to get more information and just find it like I did? I'm... Continue reading
I'm not going to lie, hamburger helper was my ramen noodles through college. There were many a late night I would throw a box on for dinner due to my lack of fine cooking skills. Who am I kidding? I still find myself doing that quite often in my post-college... Continue reading
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Oct 27, 2010