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I just wanted to take a moment to thank you Wil. Your blog, and comments on your blog, have greatly enriched my life. Here are the top ten things I'm grateful to you for (not in any particular order): 1. You introduced my wife and I to Big Bang Theory. 2. I am now an avid fan of 3. A commenter from your blog introduced me to Patrick Rothfus (who has turned me on to so many other good things, including a recent blog post about you). 4. I now read with great regularity. 5. Instructions on how to be furiously happy. 6. I have a Twitter account, and my sister whom I have been estranged from for several years is now my follower. 7. You were in STNG and Stand by Me and Fag Hag (all things I enjoyed immensely). 8. You are by far the kindest celebrity I've ever met. Seeing you at the Rare Bird Neil Gaiman event was a joy. You patiently stood outside with your wife welcoming anyone and everyone who wished to meet you, and you graciously laughed at my jokes. I used to think it would be cool to be your friend because you are Wil Wheaton, and you're a geek, and you're a celebrity, and you live in Pasadena, and you play DnD and Magic. But I see now that the best reason to be your friend would be the simple fact that you are a stand-up guy. 9. You introduced me to The Guild. 10. You have worked tirelessly toward the goal of making it not just be okay, but excellent, to be a geek. I could go on, but I should get back to work. Thank you again. Michael
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Hello Mr. Wheaton, Heh... I love calling you that. I'm actually older than you, but because I don't know you personally, it would be rude for me to call you Wil. So... In any event, I am about 60 some hours into Dragon age as well. I've been trying desperately to get Morrigan to fall in love with me. I've done everything I can think about, (spoiler alert) brought her the Grimore, the gold mirror, agreed to kill her mother--but she continues to see me as just a friend. Then I have these one or two innocent conversations with Leliana, and she falls head over heels for me! I have got to tell you, I was shocked. I really don't know what to do. I mean my feelings for Morrigan are real, but she merely feels 'warmly' toward me. Besides, Leliana is pretty hot, and I'm such an ugly Dwarf. I may never get another chance with a woman like her. What do you suggest? Signed: Forlorn in Ferelden PS: You were in a movie with my ex-girlfriend's sister (Stephanie Orf (Stephanie was her sister's name, not my girlfriend's) (Hey, nested parentheses. Cool!))) some years ago.
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Jan 27, 2010