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If we really end up destroying our own planet, I don't think we deserve the skills needed to travel to another planet.
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Every time you write something positive like this, I get the urge to blog about something negative, because someone has to restore the balance in the universe.
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Ok. :) PS.I think it's both amazing and frightening that humans haven't yet invented a language which allows us to put two words together without someone misunderstanding them.
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I hate most jokes and stories about geek VS "normal"(enough to blog about it at )if someone is interested), because I don't get it why geeks think they are inferior to "normal" people and even idolize them. Is "Anne is starting to enjoy games and gaming. I'm not entirely positive," an answer to my questions? Does it translate to"Hey, you are supposed to be my hot, non-geek wife, get your hands off my geek stuff?" ?
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Hi. There's a message I'd need to get to you, but I'd rather not discuss it here in Comments. However, I haven't exactly been able to find a method to get a message to you. Yes, I can be helpless like that sometimes. It would still really mean a lot to me if you ever had the time to listen.
Toggle Commented Apr 10, 2010 on Eureka: all the rage - day zero at WWdN: In Exile
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