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I'm a the girl anachronism.
Interests: Old movies, indie music, classic literature, reading, writing monologues for competitive forensics, competitive college debate, teaching, directing plays at the high school I work at, hot tea, vintage clothes, antique campaign pins, dark beer, strong black coffee,baking, Harry Potter, Isaac Asimov, science fiction books/short stories, Kurt Vonnegut, John Grisham, LOST, Kathy Griffin My Life on the DList, Antiques Roadshow, Star Trek, Will and Grace, Supernatural, rain, picking flowers, environmentalism, ecoawareness, and hometown football games,
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I always feel really small when I look up at the sky at night. I live in the Midwest pretty much in a town surrounded by fields, and so you can see the entire sky. And I always think, all of theses stars have been watching the earth for so long and the Earth is so young in comparison to them. And what freaks me out even more is that some of those stars are dead and we're just now seeing their light. Nice piece, Wil.
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I thought the show was great! The plot was really put together and very fun for Christmas. My question for you is, do you feel that you were underused in the show? You had great quotes, but I think they could have developed your character more. Great job tonight. Happy holidays Wil!!
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Dec 12, 2010