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It was so great seeing you at the Fedcon. It was so much fun and interesting listening to you, and it was very funny seeing you with Marina (who is so adorable). But i have to make a confession. I have to admit that i was one of these ignorants who could not seperate between the fictional character Wesley Crusher and the real life person Wil Wheaton. For me you always have been this kinda annoying kid from TNG. In german Wesley would be called a Klugscheisser (it´s something like a smartass). One of the friends which went with me to the Fedcon said: Come on lets go see Wil Wheaton. And first i thought something like "Is he drunk. Why should i go see Wesley Crusher?". Thank god i let me talk into this. And from minute to minute i was getting more fascinated of the man standing on the stage. Your appearance was surely one of the highlights at the Fedcon. After then i was reading some of your blogs and liked what i´ve read. And it was a great example for to broaden one´s horizon and look behind one´s prejudices. So i´m very sorry for doing you wrong and thank you for a good show back there in Düsseldorf. Hope to see you again in Germany, hopefully next year on the Fedcon. Take care
Toggle Commented May 5, 2011 on FedCon Day 4 at WWdN: In Exile
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May 4, 2011