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You're saying, "with fb, youtube and the web, artists can go viral and do all that." I'm saying maybe, but it might just dumb down the discussion to the point where we get comic books, karaoke & strange for strange's sake...instead of depth of feeling and thought. but, Hey - I hope I'm wrong!
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What the author is missing, respectfully, is that ALL his examples of artists sidestepping the media conglomerates to gain a larger (fairer) % of the gross for their performances BECAME FAMOUS through using (and being use by!) those companies. if the paradigm really does change, how will 'unknowns' circulate news of their performances - how will 'audiences' even know about them and their work in the first place - without the nefarious Media? What I'm saying is that the only reason C.K. Radiohead, and even Steve Winwood (who said he made more on the first album he sold on his own label from his own website, than on all other releases combined) - the only reason they can do this is because they established their reputation and fame while the (dying) media was intact! They're 'hybrids' - For newbies, without such a media intact, the road to fame seems that much darker...
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Dec 10, 2011