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Not that RSL are sitting back, but how many times do we see a horrific injury in a game and neither team really has that spark anymore? Can be up a man or two but you don't really want to play anymore. And you definitely don't want to be on the receiving end of the next tackle.
I bet artificial turf and cold weather are still bigger factors. Both probably contribute more to injuries too.
If Morales came out without a scratch it should still be a severe suspension. The idiotic tackle is the offense, not the injury that it creates, and that's what needs to be removed from the game.
Mondaini won't have much work for a while. Lock your doors folks.
You offer a player a nice fat paycheck for a team he wants to play for and he's going to turn it down because a couple guys in the league got hurt? People get hurt in every league, and in the end it's the money and opportunity that matter.
These aren't 10 year old kids. Unless he literally told the players to go break legs, a player is responsible for his own actions. Don't make excuses for a guy who lost his head and made an incredibly stupid tackle.
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May 7, 2011