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I don't know... I think "bancomicsans" and all its Comic Sans bashing is just a lack of sense of irony. I mean, if they be-fight a funny font and want to ban it from everywhere, it can be nothing but pathetic fail. (Actually, it's another subtile Microsoft-bashing, but doing it so implicit is nothing but lame). I personally would write "Do Not Enter" sign with Comic Sans. I ever would post a little smily after it, like: "Do Not Enter ;-)". Because Arial and Times New Roman are pretty totalitarian nowadays. Using only the traditional, serious and prominent (dictatorial) fonts is imho lack of imagination. And after all, isn't it a small hidden arrogance of designers, who obeserve the public use of this font (and actually blame all the philistines using this gruel font, they should stay away from design and better pay to these designers instead of making all these Comic Sans fonted printouts).
Toggle Commented Aug 13, 2010 on Comic Sans, the Font Of The Gods at Coding Horror is now following The Typepad Team
Aug 13, 2010