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My downtown apt in Orlando FL, any US fans welcome!!!!
I hope USA pulls this one out, just booked tickets to NYC would really love to catch the NATs at the swamp...
I think this whole All-star game thing is a complete waste. If you're going to bring over a team, bring a team like Manchester United, Real Madrid or Barcelona to play our All-Stars. Not teams like Fulham or Everton?? You cant say those teams aren't available since they are already playing individual MLS teams, i just dont see the point in inviting less than spectacular teams, if youre not bringing a high profile team, then just have east vs west.
I actually went to school with Giuseppe at school 3 in clifton NJ, he was in my brothers class, he was always a little sissy tho, not wanting to play soccer with me and my friends, i guess he was scared in playing with the bigger boys. Never liked him then and even worse now, really hate his guts...
Toggle Commented Jun 16, 2009 on Hating Giuseppe Rossi at Soccer By Ives
Hey Ives any rumors on Red Bull facing any big teams this summer?
Cliff Male, 24 Orlando, FL Red Bull NY, USMNT