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Marissa Flaxbart
Going to the movies and writing are my two favorite pastimes. Watching TV is up there, too. I also love sitting someplace for hours having a long conversation. Preferably Europe.
Interests: comedy, movies, writing, books, singing, performing
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"All colloquial expressions are little foxes that spoil the grapes of perfect diction, but they are very little foxes; the false elegance of stupid pretentiousness, however, is an annihilating blight that destroys root and vine." Continue reading
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“If he’s in love with Olivia, fine. That’s it. It’s all over between us.” - Elizabeth Wakefield, p. 78 Oh, my friends. Sometimes we toil through thankless hours, wondering why we even bother…and then, just when our hope is at its nadir, providence sends a sign, a reminder of what... Continue reading
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