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I agree with @Adam Victor Nazareth Brandizzi. People do not care about the elegance of a language, they care about solving problems. I am a C# developer at work, and it is by far my favorite programming language. I spent time developing PHP applications in my career. From that time I learned I can write PHP in a way that makes me sane. Does PHP suck as a development standard, absolutely, is it going to be replaced for what it is, probably not. There are good programmers, bad programmers and wannabes. I would love for the bad programmers to go away, but they won't. Refer to your please don't learn to code posting, and when you do look at PHP again and you'll see that is their solution to your plea. It takes very little to learn in order to do something useful to the average person using LAMP. There are languages I will never use because I just don't like them for one reason or another: Ruby, VB, and Coldfusion to name a couple. I try not to bash them or the people who choose those languages even though I think there horrible. What I do is not use them myself and stay away from projects that would force me to use them. You need to stay away from PHP, and you can if you want to. Program and let program (live and let live); but teach the ones that want to be teached to be better and make better choices, which I think is one of your original motives to write this posting. Just my two cents, thanks for the morning read.
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Jun 29, 2012