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A few weeks ago I got pissed off at the deluge of spambots on a trending topic I was following, and blocked a couple of dozen and then starting reporting them to @spam. I fully copied one of these messages to @spam, and was rewarded for good Twittenship with an account suspension. I was further rewarded with crickets for the next couple of weeks as I continued to send emails pleading my case. Then I find Twitter has zeroed out both the my followers and my following. Since this unfortunate series of events, I have found my way back onto The Twitter. Even figured out how to rescue my main email address from the suspended account. And I don't use the @spam feature any more. Twitter's got a big problem here, and they don't quite know how to handle it yet. TY for shining some light on this Wil.
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Anne-Marie Johnson conducts herself very professionally in her volunteer elected work for the Screen Actors' Guild, and will make an excellent president should she be elected. I am also heartened to see level-headed actors like Martin Sheen, Ed Harris, and Melissa Leo step up and offer their services to the Guild, should the members choose to elect them. Membership First has put together a strong and dedicated slate of actors for the regional boards. While it is true that Membership First has a handful of high-profile actors on its slate, it's also true that these actors have spoken publicly, forcefully, and intelligently to issues of great import to the Guild. This is not a case of, "I'm famous, vote for me"; it's more accurate to say that these are actors who have demonstrated excellence in their craft as well as passion for protecting and improving the wages and working conditions of their fellow thespians. Martin Sheen in particular is also fearlessly outspoken on causes he cares about, damn the professional consequences. Ed Harris strikes me as a guy who doesn't suffer fools gladly, who prefers to get right to the heart of the matter. SAG's Hollywood Board could benefit mightily from their contributions.
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