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so KG, and Rondo are out Wednesday, just read on ESPN that Eddie House will miss the game vs Miami, but they MAY get Pierce back, but even if he plays, probably limited minutes. MIAMI BETTER WIN THIS GAME, NO EXCUSES.
Could we trade Mario Chalmers for nothing? Is that allowed? Posted by: josh | January 04, 2010 at 08:28 PM too soon for post of the year? hahahaha
the best bet for the Heat is to stick the season out. Wade won't leave, way too much money and no better options to really go to, forget about it Chicago. Wait the season, and sign Bosh away from Toronto outright after obviously trying to pry Lebron away from the Cavs. If they can't get Lebron, sign Bosh away and play him at C in the East, and use Beasley at PF and add a marginal starting point guard and your roster is set. You can always trade Beasley at any time, but to trade him now for a player you can sign in the summer while keeping beasley is crazy.
The only way we'd land T-mac is if we gave up Jermaine O'neal and i doubt thats gonna happen.
Rudy Gay has 35pts, come on..just a huge let down tonight..and we won't beat Toronto or Orlando this week.
wow down 14 to the griz, what a joke, we needed this game in a bad way and its safe to say spo blew it.
The Miami Heat's position on trades is no secret. They won't even consider making a deal for anyone whose contract extends beyond this season to preserve every cent of their projected trove of salary-cap space for July 1, 2010. But the Heat have, according to NBA front-office sources, explored the possibility of trading for Washington's highly available Mike James, whose first coach in a 11-team career in 2001-02 was Pat Riley in Miami. Sources say that the teams discussed a trade during the preseason, but the Wizards balked because Miami would not send back an expiring contract. The Wiz have a similar mindset to Miami's, determined not to take back anything but expiring salaries in minor deals like this one. Yet it remains to be seen if the Heat -- whose search for guard help has likewise been well-documented -- amend that stance. Quentin Richardson and Udonis Haslem are the only expiring deals Riley can offer in exchange for James without a third team being recruited to help faciliate a trade. Trading Haslem for a guard obviously makes no sense and Riley has likewise resisted the idea of surrendering the well-traveled Richardson. BUT Heat coach Erik Spoelstra has also gradually decreased free-agent signee Carlos Arroyo's minutes and has very limited alternatives. Riley might ultimately decide that bringing in a veteran to ease Dwyane Wade's backcourt load is a must. And no team these days has more guards to spare than the Wiz. The emergence of recent signee Earl Boykins has made it tough for even Randy Foye and DeShawn Stevenson to earn playing time, with James, Nick Young and Javaris Crittenton are further behind. If they could get James without giving up Richardson, perhaps with the help of a third team, this deal would likely already be done. Richardson's reviews in South Florida have mostly been positive after he was traded four times -- yes, four -- in the 2009 offseason. Q-Rich went from New York to Memphis on draft day, from the Grizzlies to the Los Angeles Clippers in July in the Zach Randolph deal, from the Clippers to Minnesota in a deal headlined by Sebastian Telfair and Craig Smith and then from the Wolves to Miami in August for Mark Blount. If the Heat's guard needs grow, maybe either they or Washington will make a harder push to find a third-team facilitator. The Heat would also appear to have some off-court motivation to reunite with James. Turns out that James quietly hosted Miami's Michael Beasley in the private gym at his offseason home in Houston almost every night in August, when Beasley spent a month in town completing substance-abuse rehab. Miami officials got an up-close look at James when they went to Houston to check up on Beasley and saw first-hand that the two Mikes had struck a productive friendship. James, 34, returned this week from a broken left ring finger he suffered in practice Nov. 7.
Mike James To Miami?: ESPN's Marc Stein is reporting that the Miami HEAT and Washington Wizards have had more than a few conversations about Wizards' guard Mike James. Stein's report suggests that the hold up on a deal is Miami's reluctance to send out one of their ending contracts for James, who is also an ending deal. The Wizards have a glutton of guards and moving James has been something the Wizards have talked about since the start of the season. While Miami does covet James as an additional veteran guard they are not likely to offer up Udonis Haslem or Quentin Richardson to get him. Those are the only two players that work under the cap for James. The New York Knicks have also had some talks about James trying to unload Jared Jeffries contract. The Knicks are starting to play better and Jeffries has a role in it, so moving him now may be unlikely, however the Knicks derailed their playoff dream last season in favor of shedding contract dollars. Jeffries is one of the deals the Knicks need to move at the deadline, so watch this situation. Miami may want James, but they may have some competition for his services, and it's been said the Wizards have more than a passing interest in Jeffries, even with one year left on his contract.
the insider on espn has a updated report on a bosh-beasley deal. anyone have the insider??
Jered Bayless just asked to be traded from Portland, he's a nice PG option, any chance we can land him here? anyone know what his contract is??
what a joke, we lose to the wizards team at home, and could conceivebly lose the next 5 in a row, boston + the west trip (portland,denver,lakers) we'll be 9-9 soon enough.
Caron Butler is starting
beaze 3-3 6 pts
the game starts at 7:30 on espn?
"I've played with a dominant center before, and there's nothing like it. It changes the whole game. It's why I'd love to play with Dwight. He's a phenomenal center who has only just scratched the surface of where he'll be," Wade said. "And he's the type of guy you'd really like to be around." Despite Wade putting Howard atop his wish-list, making it work under the NBA's salary cap would be difficult. Only a handful of teams will have the salary cap space to fit Wade onto their roster this summer. The Magic are not one of those teams. To obtain him, the Magic would have to send an estimated $18 million worth of player salaries to Miami as part of a sign-and-trade deal this summer. The Magic do have forward Rashard Lewis and guard Vince Carter, who will be making $20.5 and $17.1 million, respectively next season. "I bet Vince Carter never thought he'd be playing one day with Dwight. I never thought I'd have the chance to play with Shaquille O'Neal, but it happened," Wade said. "It happened in Boston, with KG, (Kevin Garnett), Ray Allen and Paul Pierce all coming together. Magic general manager Otis Smith is not permitted to discuss pending free agency for another team's players, according to NBA rules but the idea certainly intrigues him.
Wade's Free Agency Could End With Dwight in Orlando Miami's Dwyane Wade just raised the intrigue -- and opened a world of possibilities -- over his pending free agency when he was asked Wednesday afternoon who he really would like to play with in the NBA. Wade will become an unrestricted free agent this summer, allowing him to play anywhere he wants. "If I could pick one player in the league today to play with – and most people think I'd say LeBron James – I would pick Dwight (Howard)," Wade told FanHouse Wednesday after practice at Amway Arena. "I'd love for that to happen at some point. Dwight is already close right here in Orlando. People who say it couldn't happen (us playing on the same team), they don't know. I've learned in this league that anything is possible."
vs OKC - win @ ATL - loss @ TOR - win vs NOH - win (hopefully sans CP3) @ ORL - loss that leaves us at 10-4 after the next 5 games
Toggle Commented Nov 15, 2009 on Heat 81, Nets 80 at Miami Heat | Sun-Sentinel Blogs
wade 2pt and one for the win
we have fouls to give
lets hope they rush it and miss and we get a chance to win with 4-5 secs left enjoy watch tha game enjoy