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But there's at least as many names not on the list anymore that are way better than people still on it. I'm only 30, and I know that Chevy Chase, Adam Sandler, Billy Crystal, and Steve Martin blow Sudekis, Samberg, hader, and even Kristen Wiig out of the water.
Sure, I like Wallace and Hartline. Gibson can be serviceable if healthy. Clay has moments. We were near the bottom in scoring. Adding Benjamin would be a boon, a fan base energizing immediate aid to the new offensive coordinator. This is a deep draft, which is why we can get all the linemen we want in rounds 2-4. Benjamin won't drop to the end of the second unless he breaks his ankle at the combine. Calvin Johnson like skill set. The day Wallace fights for a football is the day Andy Reid wins the Super Bowl. Make receiver a strength to the point it's a potential tradable commodity. And Benjamin would have a higher ceiling than all of our existing weapons.
Dolphins should draft Kelvin Benjamin. We can fix O-line in free agency- can go no where but up in that respect. Dolphins need a receiver that will climb up the ladder and fight for the ball- true endzone target. Sound logic says O-line or D-Line if we lose a tackle...but where have the smart, conservative picks got us?
GREG- Could you write an article that explains who Dawn Aponte is? I consider myself a pretty well informed fan, but I have never heard of this person until I started reading the last couple days that this seemingly random person might have a say in the future of our beloved but beleaguered franchise and am a little confused. Help me out if you could. -Sean
Greg and Company- Was wondering if it'd be okay to discuss the upcoming, must win game against a winless Tampa team. Have had nearly ten days to prepare, and a win would put us at 5-4 heading into a key matchup against a San Diego team that might well be right there with us at year's end for playoff seeding. But if we must keep focusing on the Martin-Incognito issue, we could put an over/under bet on how many times the story is mentioned during the Monday night game.
Greg- If you want column thoughts- see my thoughts on Marlins at the trade deadline, and precarious spot they are in.
Baseball is immensely exciting, and the greatest sport to watch live. It's an unceasing great story, where you can see a piece of history happen on every play. There's a fellowship in watching it, and a casual intensity that's hard to define. It's an acquired taste to be sure, but well worth it.
I can't see em being rested again. It was funny and clever to rest Wade and James (Chalmers too) against San Antonio because of the past history this season. You could practically see the smiling conversation Spolestra and Riley must have had, with Arison sitting in promising to happily pay a fine should the NBA have actually issued one. It was just a perfectly played situation. Resting them both again, against the long hated Knicks- would be viewed a little differently. Still fighting for playoff position, it'll be a good test to keep everyone in fighting shape. Not saying anyone is playing 48 minutes, but there's a fine line between giving the horses a breather, and letting them go to seed, before the stretch run.
Greg- Thinking of kicking off another attempt at sticking with my blog with this modest proposal for Jeffrey Loria- publicly pledge right now to spend one million dollars in payroll next year for every win the team gets this year. Would create some backloaded buzz, as the team deals with (hopefully) a long playoff run from the Heat, and then the Dolphins camp and regular season. Simply state that That is club policy though- payroll will match production. Would sound a bit more popular than payroll will match attendance, as he has certainly put himself right back in the position of having to put up for fans to put out again. - Sean Millerick (Miasportsminute)
Different Opening Day feel for sure, even from past fire sales. In 1998, the season at least got to start with a ring ceremony and some awards; in 2006, there was at least the optimism that nearly every player was a promising prospect, as a result of them having been obtained from the splitting up of a championship core. Last year's team...was not a championship core. Fans went in assuming that Pierre and Stanton would be the only players on the roster trusted to make contact, and weren't disillusioned. Yelich should be promoted very quickly if we are going to do this thing right- the more prospects that develop this year, the better.
Tannehill- He's enough of an answer to start answering other questions. Guillen- Must be retained or the Marlins will never, ever obtain a real manager or worth-adding free agent ever again. Too much turnover, let's try stability. Canes- Too close to call, but gut says Miami at least plays well enough to earn some 2013 commitments. Heat- One more title in next two years- talent infusion needed after that; Wade will be done being useful. Debate- Romney wins, but no one cares.
New sports post on Check it out. Let's get the site going again.
Check out my latest article on this at South Florida's hottest new sports blog. With multiple sources now confirming, it appears that what had seemed a marriage made in heaven will not even have the chance for a messy divorce; the Miami Marlins have been left standing at the altar, while coveted free agent Yoenis Cespedes signs a four year, $36 million contract with the Oakland Athletics. All signs had been pointing to the Cuban import making Little Havana his home, especially as his one and only stop during a brief US visit last week was the Marlins’ new ballpark. The fact that Cespedes did indeed end up signing elsewhere begs many questions, but in the end, two in particular jump to the fore. Did the Marlins truly want Cespedes, and if so, can they simply shrug off the loss and remain just as confident that they’ve turned enough heads to head into Spring Training standing pat? Go to site for more....
Have a new article posted at Just a look back over the last few days in local sports for those without much time to stay updated on every detail Also includes a full length article on the Dolphin's off-season focus.
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See my full article response to this on the hot new South Florida sports blog
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Encouraging all readers to check out my latest blog posts at And also, to consider voting for me for the MLB FanCave. Wouldn't it be great to get a live Marlins fan on our side in the national media? Details on my blog, and at MLB FanCave
Have some new articles out at Thoughts on what the future holds for our local clubs, and the 2012 baseball season overall.
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Feedback on the first half freshly pressed at - South Florida's hottest new sports blog.
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New article on why Miami should NOT sign Prince Fielder at
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I must say I'm appalled by much of the above commentary still reflecting that this was a negative move. Especially in the case of "rbleigh", who implies that the Marlins frequently tie up a bundle of cash in relievers. This is far and away the most they have ever allocated to this position- Robb Nenn didn't even make this much. Closer was a gaping need, and affords the club the opportunity to adjust their bullpen depth backward accordingly, rather than try to force a closer role on Clay Hensley or Mike Dunn. See
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See my full thoughts at That said, great signing- obvious impact on the 9th, and also the rest of free agency
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See for all kinds of insight on the Marlins, Dolphins, and more.
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See my full article at Thinking that a Dolphins win this weekend not only puts last nail in Andrew Luck coffin, but Landry Jones as well. Read about the fall black plan on my blog..and why you really, really should watch the Oklahoma Baylor game.
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