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Brooklyn, NY
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I don't have anything to add except to say that John Camp's comment made me laugh.
A couple of questions if I may. You have in the past recommended a photolab/printer in Massachusetts (somewhere outside Boston if I recall) can you remind us who that is? What is the requirement if any for a model release form for the (potential) print sale? I have a subway shot I am thinking of submitting where one individual features prominently. Thank you.
Just ordered a Sonos speaker for my home office (hoping jazz and classical music can help tame my ADD) and a flashlight to bring along on evening dog walks. I hope TOP gets a windfall from the holiday shopping frenzy.
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I didn't know Leica made an intraoral camera. Rangefinder focusing must be a b**ch!
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"so when did real cameras come out?"
this probably won't convert you but you can cut the steps to access the camera app in half. You can go straight into picture taking mode from the lock screen (the screen you would normally swipe right to get to the security pad). See this quick tutorial -
Mike, glad you enjoyed our sleepy little town. We have called Barrington home since moving here four years ago. I continue to be thrilled that one option when I set out for a dog walk is to head to the beach.
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Mike, I imagine this is a trip with a purpose, but if you have some free time in Providence I would love to buy you lunch or a coffee..
You're a good man, Charlie Brown.
re: Changing New York. You fail to mention that some of the copies on sale at Abebooks only have a $4 shipping fee. Practically free.
I must say, I really enjoy these Morning Coffee posts.
Congratulations! Michel PS: TYPO alert - in the first paragraph - wealth is missing its "l".
Mike, looks like you have just found your next print sale print.
Of course in the previous century slidecide was what you wanted to do when you heard someone say "let me just dim the lights to show you my vacation slides..."
curious to know why you are interested in the Pany 42.5 over the Oly 45? You don't strike me as a macro enthusiast. [I owned the Oly 45 for a while and sold it on. It didn't grab me for some reason. Nothing against the lens, though, it's Ctein's favorite and I know lots of people who adore it. --Mike]
I love that there is a "regular" lens that retails for $8,000. Please note that B&H is offering $30 off Lightroom if you purchase it with the lens. I don't know how anyone can pass that up.
It looks really lovely. I hope someone in my area will order one and invite me to see it. I promise to bring the wine and canapés so it feels like a proper gallery experience. I'm in Rhode Island if someone wants to take me up in the offer. Good luck with the sale.
I think Sarge is really Nate Silver.
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The hiring company name is Steria. Perhaps this photo is a nod to their dropped prefix - HY.
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Mike, if you like knobs and dials you might want to include this in your home office upgrade.
For Ansel Adams I think the more salient question is what vehicle would he mount his tripod on?
had to check the date when I saw this. Is it April 1st in Japan?
the original Canon dRebel. Brought me back to photography.
I used to work at the World Financial Center in New York. The Winter Garden is a large atrium linking two of the towers that make up the complex (featured in the fun documentary Mad Hot Ballroom). Every fall it is the stage for its own auto show, but it only features luxury cars (nothing cheaper than a Caddy and they look like Ladas compared to the rest of the field). The whole thing is put on by the local luxury car dealers for the benefit of the area bankers and traders. In 2008 the show was the week after the collapse of Lehmann Brothers. They might as well have been showcasing coffins. No one was looking at the cars and you could see in the faces of there salespeople that they thought they might never sell another car.
it's a little known fact that figure skating judges are also in charge of determining medal standings.
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