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Brooklyn, NY
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re: Matt Taibbi's description of Goldman Sachs, I think the comparison is unfair. Squid are wonderful animals, and an important contributor to the cycle of life on earth. Even vampires should take offense; they are largely misunderstood.
Toggle Commented Jul 29, 2016 on Rapacious Getty at The Online Photographer
This reminds me of the first time I came across Fifth Third Bank. I thought it was a joke.
Toggle Commented Jul 7, 2016 on Micro 4/3 at The Online Photographer
for all we know that chair's not even there, or red, or maybe it had a smiling guy sitting in it and it's green. I'm kidding, I'm kidding.
Toggle Commented May 31, 2016 on Red Chair Redux at The Online Photographer
I am saddened by this news. The Luminius Landscape was probably the first photography website I read after graduating from the review and forum sites. I have two of Michael's prints; one purchased when he was doing a fundraiser for a friend who was battling cancer, the other as an entry into a sweepstake that would see the winner spend the weekend with Michael photographing at his lake cottage. I spent a lot of time daydreaming what that would be like. He seems to have lived life to the fullest and he is leaving a lasting and positive mark. I hope this will offer a small degree of comfort to those close to him.
Toggle Commented May 20, 2016 on Michael Reichmann R.I.P. at The Online Photographer
"He loved hard light" That's a great quote. ["Hard" meaning contrasty, of course. --Mike] meaning difficult, for me, of course :-)
Toggle Commented Mar 12, 2016 on Herb Ritts at The Online Photographer
"He loved hard light" That's a great quote. ["Hard" meaning contrasty, of course. --Mike]
Toggle Commented Mar 12, 2016 on Herb Ritts at The Online Photographer
nice announcer voice. Star of the future TOP Podcast?
Toggle Commented Mar 8, 2016 on Things Ctein-y at The Online Photographer
By the way, I hope you bought Harold's book when I recommended it. I did buy one, but only one :-( I also met Harold briefly at the gallery that published his book. I told him I was there thanks to TOP highlighting the book.
Gordon Lewis is the anti-GAS. Hopefully this article has ended the mental inventory of what I would sell to buy this camera and I can go back to taking some pictures.
like the old joke goes: what would you do if you won the Powerball jackpot? I'd pay off my debts. What about the rest? I'd tell them to wait.
Toggle Commented Jan 13, 2016 on It's My Dream (OT) at The Online Photographer
I think I will leave this page open for someone to discover... Michel
Argh! I just bought the Oly 25mm used for 2.5x the price of this one. Oh well.
And for short they call it the Roid. Which for me does not create a positive association.
If you enjoy Conan O'Brien's sense of humour you might find clips of his visit to Cuba fun. There are a couple more that are not featured in this playlist.
Toggle Commented Sep 30, 2015 on 'Cuba: A Grace of Spirit' at The Online Photographer
Thank you for that post Mike. Makes me look at my house in a new light. I used to think its history was ho-hum; it was built in 1946 in a neighborhood where many houses are from the late 19th century. I hadn't thought about the context. Now I can wonder about the state of mind of the person who had it built. Also who were the first inhabitants, and what was their relationship to the war? I have been fortunate enough to encounter some of the previous occupants who lived here in the 60s and 70s, so this adds to the history of the house. Michel Barrington, RI [Hi Michel, I know your neighborhood--my brother lives there. Some interesting houses there for sure. --Mike]
I think the name Patience is appropriate for your new house.
so happy for you Mike. Congratulations. I am selfishly pleased with TOP's new location. We've been wanting to go visit Farm Sanctuary in Watkins Glen ever since they took in Agnes, the Cornish Hen we rescued from the streets of NYC. From there it will just be a short ride to TOP.
Toggle Commented Jul 8, 2015 on Gone Fishin' at The Online Photographer
it's a relief to see that you are clear across the country. With your recent frequent trips to upstate NY, your silence on TOP since the weekend and the recent prison break in Dannemora, I was starting to think you might have been their getaway car!
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Toggle Commented May 8, 2015 on Need Your Opinion at The Online Photographer
holy crap that thing is huge! I know it's an apples to oranges comparison (or perhaps apples to spaghetti squash) but I can't help myself; my little Oly 17mm f1.8 (e-34mm) is 120g. I know, I know, DOF, half a stop, quality, etc. Not knocking it, just an observation.
Re: Peter Lik The quotes this guy gave the reporter are unbelievable (“Just a nice shot of Yosemite,” Mr. Lik said, summing up Adams’s work. “Right place at the right time.” and “Just a nice shot of Yosemite,” Mr. Lik said, summing up (Ansel) Adams’s work. “Right place at the right time.” He is like the Michael Scott of photography (albeit far richer).
well you could please all the people all the time if you maintained several blogs! That reminds me, are you still planning/working on the separate blog about how you can to be a father? Best, Michel
Toggle Commented Feb 12, 2015 on You Cannot Please.... at The Online Photographer
I don't have anything to add except to say that John Camp's comment made me laugh.
A couple of questions if I may. You have in the past recommended a photolab/printer in Massachusetts (somewhere outside Boston if I recall) can you remind us who that is? What is the requirement if any for a model release form for the (potential) print sale? I have a subway shot I am thinking of submitting where one individual features prominently. Thank you.
Just ordered a Sonos speaker for my home office (hoping jazz and classical music can help tame my ADD) and a flashlight to bring along on evening dog walks. I hope TOP gets a windfall from the holiday shopping frenzy.
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