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Brooklyn, NY
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And for short they call it the Roid. Which for me does not create a positive association.
If you enjoy Conan O'Brien's sense of humour you might find clips of his visit to Cuba fun. There are a couple more that are not featured in this playlist.
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Thank you for that post Mike. Makes me look at my house in a new light. I used to think its history was ho-hum; it was built in 1946 in a neighborhood where many houses are from the late 19th century. I hadn't thought about the context. Now I can wonder about the state of mind of the person who had it built. Also who were the first inhabitants, and what was their relationship to the war? I have been fortunate enough to encounter some of the previous occupants who lived here in the 60s and 70s, so this adds to the history of the house. Michel Barrington, RI [Hi Michel, I know your neighborhood--my brother lives there. Some interesting houses there for sure. --Mike]
I think the name Patience is appropriate for your new house.
so happy for you Mike. Congratulations. I am selfishly pleased with TOP's new location. We've been wanting to go visit Farm Sanctuary in Watkins Glen ever since they took in Agnes, the Cornish Hen we rescued from the streets of NYC. From there it will just be a short ride to TOP.
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it's a relief to see that you are clear across the country. With your recent frequent trips to upstate NY, your silence on TOP since the weekend and the recent prison break in Dannemora, I was starting to think you might have been their getaway car!
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holy crap that thing is huge! I know it's an apples to oranges comparison (or perhaps apples to spaghetti squash) but I can't help myself; my little Oly 17mm f1.8 (e-34mm) is 120g. I know, I know, DOF, half a stop, quality, etc. Not knocking it, just an observation.
Re: Peter Lik The quotes this guy gave the reporter are unbelievable (“Just a nice shot of Yosemite,” Mr. Lik said, summing up Adams’s work. “Right place at the right time.” and “Just a nice shot of Yosemite,” Mr. Lik said, summing up (Ansel) Adams’s work. “Right place at the right time.” He is like the Michael Scott of photography (albeit far richer).
well you could please all the people all the time if you maintained several blogs! That reminds me, are you still planning/working on the separate blog about how you can to be a father? Best, Michel
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I don't have anything to add except to say that John Camp's comment made me laugh.
A couple of questions if I may. You have in the past recommended a photolab/printer in Massachusetts (somewhere outside Boston if I recall) can you remind us who that is? What is the requirement if any for a model release form for the (potential) print sale? I have a subway shot I am thinking of submitting where one individual features prominently. Thank you.
Just ordered a Sonos speaker for my home office (hoping jazz and classical music can help tame my ADD) and a flashlight to bring along on evening dog walks. I hope TOP gets a windfall from the holiday shopping frenzy.
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I didn't know Leica made an intraoral camera. Rangefinder focusing must be a b**ch!
Toggle Commented Nov 26, 2014 on Leicabashing at The Online Photographer
"so when did real cameras come out?"
this probably won't convert you but you can cut the steps to access the camera app in half. You can go straight into picture taking mode from the lock screen (the screen you would normally swipe right to get to the security pad). See this quick tutorial -
Mike, glad you enjoyed our sleepy little town. We have called Barrington home since moving here four years ago. I continue to be thrilled that one option when I set out for a dog walk is to head to the beach.
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Mike, I imagine this is a trip with a purpose, but if you have some free time in Providence I would love to buy you lunch or a coffee..
You're a good man, Charlie Brown.
re: Changing New York. You fail to mention that some of the copies on sale at Abebooks only have a $4 shipping fee. Practically free.
I must say, I really enjoy these Morning Coffee posts.
Congratulations! Michel PS: TYPO alert - in the first paragraph - wealth is missing its "l".
Mike, looks like you have just found your next print sale print.
Of course in the previous century slidecide was what you wanted to do when you heard someone say "let me just dim the lights to show you my vacation slides..."
curious to know why you are interested in the Pany 42.5 over the Oly 45? You don't strike me as a macro enthusiast. [I owned the Oly 45 for a while and sold it on. It didn't grab me for some reason. Nothing against the lens, though, it's Ctein's favorite and I know lots of people who adore it. --Mike]