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Upstate, NY
I am a happily married wife and Mama...I started this blog to share our ideas and interest with other like minded Moms.
Interests: Gardening, canning, cooking, sewing, quilting....and being outdoors.
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That child is BEAUTIFUL! I love the picture on the step...all that berry picking wore her out!!! Her HAIR is so pretty! Very unusual for a baby of her age I think! OK! your plan!!! YOU can DO anything ALICIA!!! I have to try those fish tacos! they look amazing! I have to say...I am totally spoiled...I wake up, and peruse pinterest...get a recipe I want to try, make a list of what I need....and here comes the spoiled part...My HUSBAND does ALL the grocery shopping, brings me everything I need..and then I just make it! I am a nurse, so like Andy, I work 12 hour shifts..on those days, when I get home, Jack has some great snack type foods for me, and he feeds Zach earlier! Works for us...but, with him being retired, we do have lots more time! Good luck with the plan! I believe in you completely!
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We were on vacation, and this is the MOST behind on your blog I have been in YEARS!!!! Its awesome! 3 posts in a row!!! haha! I am like...scroll on...BINGO! Another post:) Big smiles:)) Your big beautiful golden peach of a girl is scrumptious! Thank you for all these gifts on my first day home from the beach...its freezing here, but your pictures and words have warmed my heart:)
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I feel the same as Julie ( in above comments)...Joy upon Joy...These pictures make me SO happy...and also make me cry..because they are just so FULL of the reality of your dreams coming true...I would like to hug you TOO:) Thank you Alicia for sharing your majic...
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All those years....You never knew you were just waiting for HER to be born:) She is a perfect, blessed baby girl...So glad you never gave up...
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Your garden is AMAZING Amanda! I love your garden updates! I have NO room sad...sniff..sniff! We have only 9 tomato plants, six peppers, cucumbers on a trellis...a few eggplant, lots of herbs..and TONS of perrenials and flowers! My dream is to have an area with raised beds, and pea gravel walkways..Its just that we are out of room! Whose idea was it to get the pool??? Sigh! I will just have to walk through your garden with YOU!
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Amanda....You just keep getting better!!!! I will follow you forever..YOU have endlessly inspired make me make me cry! and you ALWAYS remind me what a priveledge and a pleasure it is to be a parent! Your little Ada has been a special one since that very FIRST day! I remember watching it unfold..and crying tears of joy for you! What a beautiful life you and Soulepapa are giving these precious kids of yours!
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I can NOT believe your baby girl is THREE!!! How does this happen! She is precious...always ALWAYS smiling:) I am LOVING following the #sweetlystitchedSal going on! It is SO fun seeing everybody's different takes on your patterns! Gorgeous! Give Mia kisses from a happy L&D nurse that loves ALL little babies! only wish they could all have such a beautiful life!
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I cant believe I am GOING to swapaholics!!! I am beyond excited..and your just throwing me over the edge with your lovely designs! This is SO YOU Amy...classy, pretty...attention to detail! I love all the special little touches..the 2 button closure with the twine is such a great idea! It is on my list!
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I just LOVE your pictures! Mimi is SO SO SO CUTE!!!! She is so curious looking..very intent on whatever she is doing...I bet it is so fun to just watch her play! I miss little ones! Summer is here too in Upstate NY...and its WONDERFUL! I love it! my garden is so pretty..all the little forget me nots, irisis, primrose, and geranium are blooming...I have pots everywhere! I could use a little helper to water:) I cant say I have any book suggestions...I am currently reading the Outlander series..and its VERY good, but not really light reading..In other news, I have just completed Miss Dandelion Doe! Gah! she is even cuter "in person"...I will say, the dress might have made me say one or two tiny swear words:) But, your directions were SO good...I didn't make a mistake at all..I just think I was stressing that I would, and I didn't want to mess up the liberty!! She did complain for just a bit, when I put on her kerchief and her boots...She said she thought 85 with 80% humidity was TOO hot for such things, but I gave her the good spot in front of the fan and she seems much happier!!!
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I finally figured you out!!! You are really a SUPER HERO in disguise!!! Haha!!! It took me awhile, but it is so ridiculously clear, I cant believe I didn't realize it years ago!!!! and...once again! Just like a superhero, you rushed in and saved the day with MORE lovely creations!! Thank you SO much for the house tutorial:) I don't know how you find the time!! ( Well...actually, now that I now your secret, I guess I do:)
I have only 3 words for you. I. LOVE. YOU.
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Wow! That was a beautiful little trip down memory lane!! I can remember seeing Olivia in those dresses! Each one is so perfect and sweet!! You are so amazing! Can I ask you what may seem a stupid question...When you attached the beautiful aqua trim, how did you attach the ends...overlap?? Just wondering! Its beautiful...Have fun in London you little globetrotter!!!!
Toggle Commented Apr 13, 2015 on No. 6 at nanaCompany
Amelia is SUCH a BEAUTIFUL child! And...shes got mad decorating SKILLZ just like her Mom!!! Happy Easter to some of my most FAVORITE PEEPS:)
Toggle Commented Apr 6, 2015 on Spring Joy at Posie Gets Cozy
Hahaha!!! This was awesome! I live on the Tug Hill Plateau in Upstate NY...We get more snow than the Rocky Mountains! Our avg. winter snowfall is 225 in. Now..that said, the lake effect bands can fluctuate..sometimes 5 miles to the north or south of us it is snowing 3-4 inches an hour, and the sun is shining over us! We LOVE to complain about the snow..but, people also LOVE to brag on their little corner of the tug when they get the MOST..Up here youll here, "You hear Adams got 54 inches yesterday?? Yeah, well, I heard Lowville got 56.." People love it when they got it the WORST..even by an inch or two! Its pretty hilarious! fly season is just around the corner:)
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I LOVE the way you put together fabrics!!! Thanks for a chance to win!!!
Your work is just beautiful...and the photography is STUNNING! Spring on the tundra is my fave!!!! Congratulations on ANOTHER job WELL DONE!
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Oh! I would LOVE a chance to win this beautiful bundle! and...I love your shop! Thanks for a chance to win @Soulemama!
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I ADORE those little quilts! SOOOOOOO BEAUTIFUL! Your work is just stellar! Hope you are feeling better soon Amy...Your soup looks delish! Cant wait to see your other doll quilts:)) XO
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Sweetest SWEETEST post ever:) Lucky little girl!! Enjoy your Tuesdays!
Toggle Commented Jan 21, 2015 on Tuesdays with Ani at SouleMama
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Oh Amy!!! The dolls up North are freezing!!! -8 this morning:) LOVE this little beauty SO much! I cant imagine the TIME this must have taken you! Thank YOU for a chance to win! It is EXQUISITE:) XO
OMG:))) Amy! That pillow you made has me drooling on my laptop!! Lol! SO BEAUTIFUL! Congrats on your dream machine too! You deserve it!! This giveaway is the best too! LOVE those tilde fabrics! Thanks for a chance to win!! XO
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SO beautiful! We did not even get a frost! I cannot believe it...Low was 37! I really cant complain:)) LOVE the pic of Lil and LUCKY:) They look like they have some pretty awesome toys at Oma's house!! Stay warm my friend:)
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They will NEVER forget this:)
Toggle Commented Oct 30, 2014 on once upon a time at resurrection fern
Oh so sweet! Isnt technology so amazing!! So, this is what miss Lilli is thinking:) Very cute post!
Toggle Commented Oct 28, 2014 on a guest post at resurrection fern
You look absolutely LOVELY in your sweater Margie:) SO impressive! I have not tried any fair isle knitting so far, but it is on my list! I cant believe you can just "make it up" as you go! Brains and beauty..fantastic:)
Toggle Commented Oct 26, 2014 on using up every last bit at resurrection fern