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Upstate, NY
I am a happily married wife and Mama...I started this blog to share our ideas and interest with other like minded Moms.
Interests: Gardening, canning, cooking, sewing, quilting....and being outdoors.
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We are still quite buried in snow...another 6 inches fell yesterday..but, the red winged blackbirds, and the grackles have returned! I know Spring is near!! I like the idea of you sharing some of your powerhouse recipes here:)) You must be full of energy:) The babies looks always! I do wish you would have an Etsy shop update:) Those indigo pouches are looking great!
Oh Margie...Your post today was just like visiting an old friend..I have not been as present in blogland recently because OUR littlest grandchildren moved home in December:) The little doll you made for Lili is so inspiring:) I especially love her braided hair!!! As always Lili is just glowing..and your pictures are beautiful!!! GOOD FOR YOU with the healthy eating so far! Your dishes look like something from a gourmet restaurant:) Hugs to you....and yours:)
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Such SPRINGY colors!!! Thanks for the chance!!
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I LOVE the couch in the library! Looks like it belongs there...and that quilt!!! Wow...I just cant imagine how you get it all done! Cant wait to see it finished:))
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You are a gem:) Your photos are SO uniquely YOU!!! I love them all!
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Such lovely sentiments on SNOW!!!! It makes my heart happy that your wishes have all come true!!!Here in Upstate NY we have had an unbelievably snowy winter...The Tug Hill Plateau where I live has already had over 15 feet fall so far!!! Currently, I have a solid 4 feet in my yard, so I cannot honestly say that snow is making me happy! I hope the SNOW GODS can direct the snow to fall more for you...and just a bit less for us:))) And...tell Andy I feel for him! I am a nurse also...We have fun at work though, and we all bring TONS of food when the storms are expected!
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Its hard to believe that she is TWO already!!! Happy Birthday little Lilli:) She is just beaming with health and happiness!!! Thank you for sharing all your joys in this space Margie! It warms my heart:) XXXOOO
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The card is just AMAZING:) All the goodies are!! Good for you...I agree with Joanie..Your goodness attracts goodness:) Stay cozy today!! It is actually quite nice today...temp near 30 and a TINY bit of sun!!! Going to get outside for some much needed fresh air!!
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Honestly Margie...Your meals are just SO beautiful!!!! You could write a cookbook, and add all your lovely photos! I hope you post a bigger pic of your GORGEOUS sweater!! WOW!!! I hope someday I can knit like that:)) and...Lili looks so cozy in her little red dress! Her artwork is precious!!! Here..the oven is in constant use...SHOULD concentrate on healthier goodies, but soft pretzels, casseroles and breads are filling our bellies!! Stay warm my friend!
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Your photos are amazing!!!!I have tried to photograph snowflakes..Had the best luck with my macro lens, but nothing as lovely as yours!!! I NEEDED a reminder of winter beauty as I woke up to an ACTUAL temp of -22!!!! This winter has been brutal..I am ready for Springtime Margie!!!
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I live in Upstate NY, and we have had a RIDICULOUSLY snowy winter...On Jan 8th, our little town in Adams, NY received almost 5 feet of snow in a 36 hour period...less than a week later, temps were in the 50's, and now we are experiencing flooding..It is cold again today..and it is once again snowing! You should visit the Tug Hill Plateau someday..It is one of the snowiest places on Earth!!! Apparently, we get even more snow than Utah and Colorado! Average snowfall for our season is over 200 inches:)!
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She looks positively GLOWING:) SO happy!!! My little kiddos were all SO sad that after the JOY of having 5 feet of snow dumped on is ALL nearly melted! I do thing there is enough left for a snowman though:)
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Your photos are just BEAUTIFUL!!!! I should give this a try!!! :) Thank you for the inspiration!
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Happy New Year SouleMama:) Our plans for New Years Eve celebration were thwarted by the stomach flu...Oh! What a way to end the year!!! Thankfully, less than 24 hours later, we are beginning to rally once more! Your post today lifted my spirits..I look forward to yet ANOTHER year of enjoying you and your beautiful family!!! XXXOOO
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I am a day late in wishing you a Merry Christmas...Your photos are always:) I am so happy that all of your family made it safely home...Our weather has been a BIT of a CHALLENGE:) Happy Holidays Sweet Margie...I look forward to your work in the coming year:) XO
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I am moved to tears by your words...Merry Christmas you wonderful Paulsens:) Thank you for sharing your beautiful corner of the world with me:)) XXXXOOOO...and, Amelia..she is just so amazingly adorable...a Gerber baby postcard:)
Toggle Commented Dec 24, 2013 on Merrymaking at Posie Gets Cozy
I did not enter, because I have been a winner before!! :) I feel like you give me a gift every day I read your blog and see your pictures:) I have a gift for you....Can you please message me your address on Flickr:) XO
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Your kitties are just SO cute!!!! I wish I could visit the land of resurrection fern! It looks so majical:) Love the pics of Lili!and those handstamped brown paper gift bags are amazing!! Have a wonderful week Margie...Thanks for sharing:)
Oh!!! What a lucky mouse:) You are amazing!!!!
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What a lovely...and thoughtful gift...and you made it even more majical with your display! You are so amazing....XO
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Oh my goodness...I just LOVE your photos...this space...SO MUCH! Its weird! I was starting to really worry about your because you hadn't posted for awhile,and I was hoping all was well in your little corner of the world! I am so happy that you, and A, and C, and B are ALL fine!! I cant wait till the new pattern kits arrive..I am going to stitch your ornaments this afternoon...I know I will NEVER get them done in time, but it is such a pleasant way to spend the day, and one day they will ALL be finished:) Thank you Alicia..for just being you. Give little Mimi a kiss...If you can catch her!!! walking. Oh. My.!!!!!
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It looks so pretty!! I am starting a TINY bit 2 of advent!! oh well...Off to do a little shopping...and then start decorating!
I LOVE your shop!!! I have purchased from you several times!! WOULD LOVE TO WIN:)
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She looks PRECIOUS:) It suits her too a "T":) My Mom was not a real crafty person, but I remember one winter, when times were pretty rough for us, she somehow made my 2 sisters and I "Scarfhats" for Christmas...they were knit with a peaked hood...I can remember opening it, and being AMAZED...that MY MOM knit it for me:) I loved it so much...Lilith and Lachlan are going to have so many treasures from you Margie...Well done:)
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