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The previous comment about the regional groups of the Greens having the power to determine preferences is accurate! However, my local regional Greens group has always delegated that power to the preferences working group with conditions. We have always prefer an 'open ticket' unless we can get some electoral advantage from the ALP. I do not know the views of other Greens but I cannot see the majority of Green voters approving of us giving preferences to the Liberal Party. The second point is that the right of the ALP have always not wanted to preference the Greens. From when the Nuclear Disarmament Party in 1984 to Rudd's fatal refusal to negotiate with the Greens over the ETS has shown that elements of the ALP have never like the Green political position. The problem for the ALP is its own members. Getting the local ALP members in Perth to hand out How to Vote cards which preference the Liberals ahead of the Greens …. You need to tap into rumour about who the ALP members handed out how to vote card for during the 2001 Federal election. The only reason the ALP and the Greens swap preferences is too sure up their seats. Even though the Greens are not requiring preferences to win a Senate seat in some states, they still need the preferences in most states. Besides, the ALP is still regretting not giving preferences the Greens ahead of the Family First in the 2004 Federal election. The ALP is trying to sure up its lower house seats. If the Greens had run an open ticket in Corangamite (Vic) during the last Federal election, Tony Abbott would be Prime Minister, given your figures of average Green preference flows.
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Nov 8, 2011