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Re: Spam - I don't know what spam software/utility G+ uses, if any. My blog is on Wordpress and they use Akismet and I'm absolutely happy with it! Catches the spam that pretends to be comments too. As to "Social Media" - when I first heard it called that, my first thought was "sounds like social disease" - which over time I have come to consider an accurate description. I had a Facebook acct until they threw me out for using a professional name that all my friends knew me by. Then they said they'd let me back in if I'd send them a copy of my driver's license and SSN. Yeah.... that's a cold day you know where when I do that! (And here I was in the top 100 on Mouse Hunt! The NERVE! ;-D) Then I followed the whole G+ thing and figured I could just ignore it. But just to be safe, I "googled" to see if I had an accidental account with God only knows what "secrets" about me they were keeping for a future blackmail attempt. Turns out I somehow avoided that by never "signing up" for any of their "products." And to KEEP me annon to them I even switched search engines so they can't track that. (Now someone else tracks it, I presume.) But my experience with FB was instructional - so I didn't sign up for anything from Google. But hey! I'm an open minded fellow. When I did a piece on my blog about Facebook's IPO, I handled it straight up - by saying that with a PE of 95 or 100 it was WAAAAY over priced, and the Big Boys have been pumping and dumping it ever since! (FB's stock should have opened at around $6, +/- $4)
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Jul 1, 2012