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Michael Flanagan
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It seemed like there were more Celtics fans than Hawks fans in Atlanta last night. Home court doesn't mean much for this team, I don't think. They tend to go off just to stick it to other teams' fans, especially in New York (who they likely won't see) and Miami.
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Pierce could go for 50 and not win MVP.
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No question, NBA officials are the worst and most corrupt in American pro sports. It's absolutely insane, however, to argue that the Celtics EVER get superstar calls. A lack of superstar calls has marked Paul Pierces career, before and after his championship.
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I was VERY against the proposed Rondo deal, but I'm starting to think this is worse. Now they have Bynum and anyone else but Kobe as trade chips for Howard. At least we know Lebron will never win a title now.
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I feel like everyone is taking Danny's comment about Jeff Green starting out of context. When he said that, he had basically been backed into a corner defending Green and himself against the argument that Green can't play his game unless he's in a starting role. In context, it really didn't seem like he had seriously considered starting Green over Pierce at any point. And with Pierce still (relatively) healthy and in-shape, I don't see why on earth Doc would start Jeff Green over our team's perennial leading scorer, not to mention captain.
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May 12, 2011