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There are actually a few strategies that you could be using to help out here: * Use a series of multiple CSS files with different levels of reuse: a global CSS file with core layout, header, and text; a page level CSS file for styles specific to that page; and maybe even a widget level CSS file (this usually ends up inline though). Then when you have a family of sites, you would also have override files that gets applied after global.css, page.css, and widget.css, such as global_stack_overflow.css, etc. This way you can simplify the management of many different styles. * If you're finding the need to copy and paste a color everywhere, you might be doing things wrong. This is what CSS classes were designed for. You can separate out your "look and feel" classes from your layout classes. This way you can reuse things like color, which fall in the look-and-feel category. * Lack of nesting, I'm not sure what you mean by this. Could you provide some examples? You can use CSS selectors to apply a style to a div, or to nested divs. You can also apply multiple styles to a single div or class. Where would nesting come into play? I hope this helps!
Toggle Commented Apr 30, 2010 on What's Wrong With CSS at Coding Horror
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Apr 30, 2010