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Michael Hazen
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Wil, All this reading you are doing (and I may have missed it) whatcha reading it on? Antique dead trees? or one of them fancy reader machines? My own tale: I have been a voracious reader since I figured out what printed things mean. I have spent a good many of my 46 years messing with tech. But once e-readers came out, it was if the whole computing ecology had finally evolved a species *just for me*. I'm currently rocking a nook color (poor cover is beat to hell, it goes everywhere with me) and working through the Song of Ice and Fire (I'm late to the series, I blame all of the other fine authors out there) and a big pile of Paizo PDFs.
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Wil, Demanding an autograph only to sell it on ebay (which is the most likely disposition of that signature. The louder the demand that you sign, the greater that likelihood) is the height of dickery So hey, instead of a talisman or relic from a person in that position, how about a salute? A nod? A quick "Wesley was a wuss, but you're aces!" *when the situation is set up for it*. Then you have spent your most valuable commodity - your attention - which should be recognized. Just as we have to recognize when the attention wallet is empty because it has been spent.
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