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Also, here's that link you wanted. The first's fairly accurate, but doesn't really address the question. The second is the official word from the TTB (formerly ATF).
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You don't know the age of the recipient, to prevent tax evasion, exploding bottles, etc. I understand it, but it's mostly just a headache for the honest types. Sorry for the double post reply fail.
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It is illegal to send beer through the USPS mail. UPS does not mind people sending "yeast" samples. Strictly speaking, it's not permitted, though generally accepted, for brewing competitions.
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Nice. That's what I did for my first one. Turned out really well after 6 months in the bottle.
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Did you flavor it, or is it a "show mead?"
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Great write-up. It brought back memories of my early brews. If you should ever be interested in trading some homebrew, the Virginia Tech homebrew club would sure be both willing and appreciative.
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Dec 5, 2011