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I didn't see any issues with the talk other than I expected you to pull out a rabbit, not a brain. Now Daniel's violating about 10 OSHA regs. ;)
Toggle Commented Jun 13, 2013 on Onward at ToolGirl Mag Ruffman's Official Web Log
Huffing VOC helps us forget unemployment is 11.4%
There is another trick. Prime your project, and while wet, place American dollars in the paint and then apply the top coat. The inflation alone will give you that 70s look in no time.
The problem with AA and AAA batteries is they lack circuit protection and can't be made rechargeable using lithium-ion without too much of a fire risk.
I'm feeling the need to buy a white leisure suit.
Scruzol sounds Italian. Not that they know how to screw judging from their birth rate.
There should be freebies for those that discovered this. No pink please.
Is the $79 Canadian? They want $99 from this Yank.
The first step is to set your goals. I have no goals. Do the have a motivational model? Maybe one with electrodes to spark you on your way.
That's good. Mig and Tig aren't the easiest welders to use. You might let the reads know you won't find them at the craft store.
I've got enough crap on the bed as it is. I have to draw the line at furniture.
I got to say, the Brits have class when they spam.
If it is a GFCI circuit, the blades can be up. The circuit will cut out at a microamp level breach which is harmless. Since many kitchen and bath appliances are designed with a plug for the pin down position, it's better to install the outlet to match the appliance.
My sister's friends saw this. Guess what I'm doing this weekend?
Product Recall Notice: Tool can slip out of self centered mode and in to autonomous wander/kill mode. Tranquilize and return to vendor.
This could save billions of man hours of labor each year and countless marriages.
That's a very good call. They should be installed like smoke detectors, on the wall close to the ceiling. Unlike smoke detectors, you want to install them in areas such as boiler rooms and kitchens. Also, many home security companies have added carbon monoxide detectors to their security systems. If you use such a company, you might want to check that you have CO detectors installed.
It looks like they are aging steel. If you want to age brass, burn off the varnish like in the video and then get a oxy propane torch and create an oxidizing flame. Use just the outer third of the flame as the cone of the flame can melt the brass. Passing the flame over the brass will create a tarnish patina. You do want to make sure the piece you're treating is solid brass. Please note that the state of California has determined that Oxygen can be harmful to your health. And gals, when you're buying that gun blue, pick up some Hoppe's No. 9. A little behind the ears drives the guys wild.
I ask as a single, never married guy. What are curtains?
I thought it looked cool, but after putting on my engineer hat, I keep getting the feeling that it might pull at the material being cut. My financial hat said it wasn't worth $30 to find out. Besides, if God wanted man to cut things with a battery operated scissors, He wouldn't have invented the angle grinder.
Wouldn't want to be a Black and Wrecker, but I thought this was pretty cool.
The castrati seems more appropriate.
Call it thinking outside the outside box. I found a rabbit forum discussing how to make your own microwaveable heat pads and Snugglesafe was recommended. A reader posted about eugenol being toxic in large amounts. I searched eugenol and ban and found an article about Canada and the EU banning eugenol.