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Michael J. Ryan
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I never had a "bad" day like that, which is pretty fortunate, since I got into BBSing shortly after turning 18 (in 92-93)... Also, there were a lot of local boards in the Phoenix (602) area by then, and message nets were pretty common. I was only on a handful of more elite boards, mainly because I was an okay(hack) ANSI artist. I still run a BBS today ( which is pretty active, for a BBS in 2012. It's funny how the landscape has changed and stayed the same... Instead of warez boards, we have private torrent trackers, and instead of call back verifiers, we have IP block lists. It's still pretty cool all around, but much happier having the world at my fingertips than not.... Though I really miss the regular local BBS gatherings, you don't get that so much online today.
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Oct 5, 2012