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I have been wondering about this a lot. Programmers who are good enough so that they can be given a problem and can structure possible good solutions fast enough in their mind (and under the pressure of an interview) must have been living with code all day. There is one kind of programmer who has a personal interest and a strong focus into the subject, usually geeks who code as a hobby or for honor in their spare time and not someone who has just finished his computer science studies but shows no interest for programming outside of his studies/job. I have talked with computer science graduates who would be stunned when requested to type even the simplest program in a blank piece of paper in fifteen minutes. For most people this is a problem. A student I was doing private lessons in java is frequently curious how I am given a problem that was handed to them in the class and almost in an instant I can decide which functions, classes, variables and algorithms I have to create to solve this and why those and not other things. It's a talent that you acquire because you were burned in programming in your youth instead of doing what most other people were doing. It's not easily acquired by four years of studies except if you are really focused to learn and still you might learn the theory but miss the actual experience.
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Feb 26, 2010