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Michael Lynch
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15:37 @ 195#
9 rounds + 15 reps @245#
225# 43" I managed to get 2x245#, which is my old 1 rep PR.
105# far from my 145# pr...grr 11 / 0 (I couldn't do a single hollow rock after the situps, so I settled for flutter kicks)
47:55 85# squat cleans, 25# plate overhead
Oh yeah, 59 rep PR from 8/14/2011 FGB was my first WOD ever and it sucked back then as much as it did today.
10 rounds + 1 pullup @ 95#
4 rounds @ 65# thrusters and ring rows + 200m in 20:51
23:32 with a 14# ball
3:05 core 245#
I managed half of Clovis today in 65:23. Tough hero WOD today and I'd need to try that one again after about 6 months back, then I could do the whole thing.
17:3scaled - full lap, but burpees and ring rows...
Sure, I was looking forward to a hero WOD, then I met Clovis...holy crap! 10 miles?!? AND 150 burpee pullups? For time of course.
23:24 full runs and half reps. My core hates the fact that I'm back at the gym, my brain loves it.
4 rounds plus 12 sit ups. 115# snatch, focusing on form since it's been so long. Feels good to be back though.
Man, I've missed this place. Dropped by today (for the first WOD in 2 months) and man, it was rough. I scaled reps and weight and finished in 19:20. I need to work out something to be able to get back in the box...
Daily wrap-ups and now pre-WOD tips? Someone give this guy a raise!
14:34 RX - I'm pretty sure I did 11 rounds, as I can't count when I start going...doh!
24:30 - that sucked, especially at 12:00. I started with 125# and scaled down to 105#, finishing off with normal burpees.
315x5 345x3 5 rounds + 2kbs I should have pulled all 5 at 345, but Chris was right, I counted myself out before even starting the lift. Positive self talking next time!
27:22 95#x2 85#x1 65#x2 I was done on round 3 of this one, but as fate would have it, Hoff was there to keep pushing me. At least I finished...
7:55 core 5 3 + 6,6 3 + 5 WODs suck when you take a week off...
12:04 RX Good preparation for Saturday!
24:05 - 3 rounds doing T2B, 2 rounds on the box doing the crunch (or whatever it's called)