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I'm not sure if I'd want to carry another piece of plastic around with me. This idea would have more legs if they integrated Pokens into mobile phones -- which everyone has and everyone is carrying anyway.
Toggle Commented Jul 20, 2009 on What we can learn from Poken at Empowered
I couldn't agree more, Ken. I've run into numerous situations where a cell phone or a BlackBerry in silent mode has disrupted the audio. And it's not just the beeping you mentioned. It can also cause buzzing/chirping on the phone line that's audible to the audience during the live event. I even once had a presenter who put his BlackBerry on the table next to his phone, and when it vibrated, you could hear it loudly over the webcast audio. During my pre-event instructions, I ask presenters to turn theirs off. But I always say something like "If you insist on keeping your device on, make sure it's nowhere near the phone you're talking on now, because if it's on, it can send and receive signals that can cause a buzzing on your phone line."
Toggle Commented Dec 31, 2008 on Turn Off Your Blackberry! at The Webinar Blog
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