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Michael Neel
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Just for the record, my Dell M1330 w/SSD (same one Jeff has/had) is still rocking after 3 1/2 years (nVidia graphics was replaced under warranty). Mostly used now for video recording, prior to the was development and presentations. I also have an Intel 160 GB X25M Gen2 drive in my desktop, and it's just over a year old. Mostly used for development and video editing / production. Neither of these were the fastest of the moment drives, but they put up good random access numbers in tests (well beating physical drives) and stood out in stress tests. I also made sure I understood how to install Windows correctly to take full advantage of the drives (i.e. TRIM and such). I could just be lucky, but I think when you are going to be an early adopter it pays to stay off the full bleeding edge and not chase one stat (speed) at the cost of another (reliability). Oh, the Dell duties were replaced by a 13" Mac Book Air... with SSD =)
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May 2, 2011