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Quoting Chris: "Withholding and misdirecting government funds probably is. Therefore if you know of unreported cases of misuse of public funds, you should drop a dime on the offenders." The key word here is "probably". If it were really illegal do you honestly think they would try to get away with that? "That aside, if a qualifying charity isn't handing out government-funded cost-of-living raises where do the funds finally land?" Programs, services and executive salaries. "You said these situations are not cases of CEOs lining their pockets and you imply the money isn't distributed to those the charities help. So where does it go?" I think you missed the point. There is no public accounting of how grant money is distributed among employees of a chariy where funds can be used for administration. You sound like the kind of person the corporate ruling class can most easily manipulate by making it seem like entitlement programs are funded at your expense. Divide the working class and they will never rise up and demand the wages and benefits they rightly deserve.
Chris, you said: "By the way, there are measures for non-profit organizations that account for total funds raised versus the amount reaching intended beneficiaries. Furthermore, the books of charities are also available for public inspection. Thus, it's not hard to tell which are efficient and which exist for self-enrichment." "Total funds raised versus the amount reaching intended beneficiaries" is not the only measure of how a charity uses or misuses funds. Many charities receive government grants that include funds for cost-of-living increases that employees never see. It is this kind of greed that Jacqueline is talking about, not CEO's lining their pockets at the expense of those the charity purports to serve.
REAL wages, that is, wages adjusted for inflation, ARE declining.
There's a lot of truth in what Jacqueline is saying. I worked for a well-known, large non-profit AIDS service organization in New York City until I found myself among more than half a dozen employees who were told that their jobs had been eliminated due to budgetary reasons. Most of those who were jettisoned had worked for this organization 10+ years. I was one of the "lucky" two who had been there less than two years. None of the executive staff took pay cuts and hirings and promotions took place until the very day of our layoffs. For some reason I thought the non-profit world was above these kinds of Stalinist purges, but I think it comes back to some of the observations Barbara made in her book about likeability factors in whom was chosen to be set out on the curb. At least one employee was taking anti-HIV meds which cost thousands a month without health insurance. Considering the age of the individuals who were disposed of, their chances of getting a new job with health insurance before their COBRA or CASH runs out are not good. And this is an organization that claims to care about people living with AIDS. What humbug. There ought to be a law governing the hiring and firing policies of agencies that receive a certain percentage of their budget from government grants. At least require them to have a hiring and promotion freeze before layoffs so people can be mentally prepared and stipulate that only the least senior staff can be laid off. But what do they care? They still get their cushy salaries and perks while the lowly employees who do the actual work get no raises or bonuses.