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Michael Vezie
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So, can SHE answer the question of what happens to bodily fluids after you're finished in the holodeck? "The more savy checked the schedule carefully and never booked a holodeck visit right after Riker"
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I remember you writing somewhere that most fans don't get autographs for the autographs, it's for the connection, however brief, with someone who has enriched their lives. I was at W00tstock 2.8 in Boston (yes, one of the ones that you couldn't make it to -- don't worry, I won't hold it against you (although I hope we get another chance to see you)), and bought something so that I could get the autographs. It was mostly to meet Adam and Grant, with whom I share a mutual friend (although it was cool to meet Marian Call, who actually followed me (@mlv) on Twitter, which was cool). But I remember for, it seemed, a YEAR afterwards, I replayed those few seconds I had with them wishing I had said something different, or wondering what might have happened if I had. And the signatures still matter. I still have the poster of course. Of course, it has a noticeable gap in the autographs... (oh, sorry, I'll stop talking about that!).
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Feb 16, 2012