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Good luck Wil!!!
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Yup, Sulien, I totally agree. Most of the time, I spend my 45-60 min commute up the 91 talking with my husband, catching up on the day. Sometimes he reads to me. Sometimes I catch up on audiobooks or podcasts I've missed. It's a time to decompress, shake off the stress of work, and it is, quite often, one of the better parts of my day. It's all about what you let it be. (not that the Friday afternoon traffic isn't horrid).
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Done! Thanks for pointing us towards a great cause.
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I didn't come from a particularly movie-oriented family, so I didn't get to see "Stand By Me" until my husband showed it to me a few years ago. It's one of those moments where I was *pissed* I didn't get to experience it when I was a kid. I know it would have been one of those stories that stuck with me and shaped me in some subtle and awesome ways. Thank goodness that movies are decently permanent and that I can show it to my kids someday. And Wil, thanks for not only sharing things like this so eloquently, but for letting your blog become a place where so many of us can share our common memories. Makes me feel a little more connected to the world.
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Absolutely interested.
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Wil - w00tstock was easily the best part of the Comic-con for my and my group (and Comic-con was pretty awesome). We were lucky enough to get seats near the front & watching you, Aaron, Adam & the rest of the performers geek out offstage when someone else was up made it extra-fabulous. It was so refreshing to see a group of friends who find that much joy in the awesomeness of each other (and then share that awesomeness with us lucky people). Thank you, thank you!!!! I can't wait for the next one.
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