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Michelle Wolff
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See?? It's "Don't be a dick" for kids! This made my day!
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I am now furiously happy!
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My movie code includes such warnings as, "Starring Nicholas Cage" or "From the makers of 'Paul Blart: Mall Cop'" or anything with Tom Cruise or that started out life as a SNL skit. I don't go to movies much. However, your ascot now has Daffy Duck's voice ringing in my head saying, "Lady Asthabula, the last time we met was at Ascot, was it not? Ascot not?" So, thanks!
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Here I am reading a sweetly touching blog about your family and feeling a little dewy around the eyes, when I'm suddenly blindsided by a Kevin Murphy photobomb and am forced to snortlaugh. Well played!
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Mar 7, 2012