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McCain gave the easy answer... the political answer that would gain him favor with the social conservatives he is courting. It wasn't thoughtful... it wasn't complex. It was predictable. I have to agree with rjr. I don't NEED to know what happens in the privacy of my neighbors home... and I sure as heck don't WANT my government assuming they have the ultimate right to make complicated PERSONAL decisions for me. If I am entrusted to elected the leaders of my country, I certainly should be entrusted to make personal decisions for myself.
Toggle Commented Sep 25, 2008 on When does life begin? at Unfettered Letters
I'm new here, and judging from the reading I've done of postings, I'm sure I'll get eaten alive. However, I have to post regarding the "experience" arguments. If the consensus is that we don't want "politics as usual", and "career politicians" are the problem, is it logical to use the argument that experience matters? The founders of this country didn't have experience in creating a new government. I'd gladly take the innovation and intellegence of a John Adams or Thomas Jefferson any day. The inexperience of Palin isn't what bothers me about her. Nor is Obama's lack of executive experience. As an "undecided" voter, I'm looking for something so much more inspirational than the standard sound bites.
Toggle Commented Sep 25, 2008 on Real issues matter to women at Unfettered Letters