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Having been a die hard Whovian since about 5 years old, it pained me when my husband refused to even try to understand why I adored the Doctor in all its low budget glory. After 10 years of marriage, I chose to take the long route when I decided he needed to understand my geekdom better. He's also a literary snob and I'm a genre fiction writer so I knew I had to do something if I ever wanted to have his support as I worked on my WIP. I did what any smart girl would do. I made him read Neil Gaiman. He fell in love with Neil Gaiman's American Gods and then Anansi Boys. I gently revealed to him all the movies he'd seen that were based on Neil Gaiman books. Torchwood also came to Showtime at this point and he was all about watching this shiny, new, highly Americanized, non-low budget spin-off of Doctor Who. "Explain Torchwood and how it relates to Doctor Who to me," he asked after the season finished. *Note: I had to tell him how much better Children of Earth was when it came to Torchwood.* Then I mentioned that Neil Gaiman wrote an episode of Doctor Who, which, by the way, I still have on the DVR. "You should totally watch it with me!" And he did. And he loved it. That is my story of how I got my husband to love Doctor Who with me. He is now through to season 5 or 6 on Netflix and trying to catch up to where we are now. Take the scenic route and go through Neil Gaiman. It takes longer but your wife will be primed to overlook the things she probably might find hokey right now if you pair it with something she can relate to and love. ;)
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Feb 17, 2012