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There are almost too many things I like to even start, but....first I'll echo Dennis's comment above--I appreciate your coverage of random & intriguing books (usually but not always photography books). Second--and related--TOP has been a wonderful source for me of discovering the work of some photographers I otherwise wouldn't have heard of. Case in point--Tyler Monson's cool series of photos taken in Reykjavik which he turned into standalone PhotoBlog/s, which you feature in a TOP post some time ago. I also would love to read more from 2 of my favorite TOP commentators--Ken Tanaka and CTein. And, what the hell, Kirk Tuck as well. As far as suggestions or requests? Just two, really. First that you convince the semi-legendary Bill Atkinson to do a few guest columns, presumably on printing but really on anything he'd like (including his remarkable iPhone/iPad App, Photocards. And second that you add Bill Beebe to your list of occasional guest columnists. He's thoughtful and entertaining. And finally---keep on writing! Since I'm a writer myself, I appreciate good writing---which may be one of the main reasons I keep coming back to TOP!
A few years back I sold my Pentax DSLR - a very nice weather-sealed K200D - and an assortment of nice lenses, mainly because I was tired of lugging all the combined weight of them all around on strolls, walks, hiking trips, or other peregrinations where I wanted to have a good camera/lens - but didn't want the bloody thing weighing me down after the first hour or three of walking. Incidentally I never used to complain about weight back in the days of analog yore when I frequently carried multiple Pentax MX bodies + assorted lenses around....but I was younger than. The K200D (which I still miss in a number of ways, one of the unheralded gems of Pentax's DSLR lineup IMNHO) was replaced by an Olympus E-PL2, in part because of my fondess for an ancient Pen half-frame I owned several lifetimes ago, in part because its compact size reminded me of what used to be another favorite film camera, a Rollei 35 I took everywhere with me) - but mainly because the combination of the small lightweight form factor - plus some excellent and equally small lightweight lenses (a Zuiko 17mm, the underappreciated f/2.8 pancake, and a truly excellent kit zoom) were so damn light that I could literally hike through the mountainous Cascades for hours and barely feel I had a camera or lenses weighing me down. And, damn, but the PL-2 is cute little camera too. And the VF-2 viewfinder makes it even niftier in insanely bright sunight. And....I could go on and on but the essence for me was: small + light + excellent optical quality....was hard to resist. I've played around a number of times with some friends OM-D's - which admittedly are fine (and finely crafted machines), and at times I've even lusted after a few things they do much more capably than my PL-2, including that gorgeous and relatively wide dynamic range, all of those nifty click-wheels which my PL2 doesn't have, and, bottom line, a certain je ne sais quoi to the nature of the images that OM-D's seem to produce. Not that my PL-2 doesn't produce gorgeous images as well, are right, Mike, at times OM-D images are just..."lovely". But the semi-bulkiness of the form factor (compared to my PL-2) just never felt right to me, either in my hands, or as an image-making tool. So it's been easy for me to resist the occasional temptations of expanding my Olympus collection with an OM-D... But the E-P5 is certainly challenging my resolve. I may wind up giving in, biting the metaphoric bullet, and putting in a preorder. My only question for you - and/or for other Olympus Pen digital junkies (and admittedly it's a theoretical question since, to date, no one owns a P-5 or has had the opportunity to try one out extensively) --- I'm wondering (aloud) if there is an ideal E-P5 + low-light-capable lens combo .... that would make as much synergistic sense for this camera ..... as the Carl Zeiss lens that you recently tested seems to do for your NEX-6? Any thoughts on that? Incidentally I'm asking because my current lens collection doesn't have one perfect go-to lens for general low-light purposes. The two (obviously) that I've considered are the miniscule Panasconic 20mm pancake, and the Zuiko 45mm, both of which are intriguing and usable lengths. So....thoughts on the ideal E-P5 + lens combo?
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Nov 30, 2011