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Yes Robert, it is absurd. This is the outcome that should happen. Interviewer: “We see that you have 10 years’ experience as a corporate engineer.. We need you to take a week off of your current job and complete this project for us. After that, please come back to our office for a talent show.” Interviewee: “I’m leaving….” Interviewer: “Your hired!” If you want to hire the best, you should be marketing to them. Not making them jump through hoops for you. If I asked even a young develop/engineer to do all of these requests and they walked out of the interview, I would run out into the hall and hire them. They know the true value of what we are working for and creating, not all the fluff. Better questions would be about application design, modeling, and testing. If your interviewee can carry a conversation then it’s pretty much implied that they can code what you need. If they start talking about CSS when you mention application design, then that’s the only filter that you need. Its old programmers that forget they were once a 24 year old with no professional experience come up with these crazy interviews. It’s becoming unfair. I don’t think I could solve some of these programming mind games in high pressure interviews.
Toggle Commented Mar 25, 2012 on How to Hire a Programmer at Coding Horror
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Mar 25, 2012