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The French couldn't line up fast enough to turn in their Jewish neighbors, as is well documented in the film, The Sorrow and the Pity. The Petain regime also tore down over 1700 monuments across France to be shipped to Germany and forged into munitions.
I'm glad you won, but I did a Google image search on your photo above and there are many copies of it (granted all on your site) where the only watermark is across the bottom. That allows for an easy trim and there is not a © symbol in your watermark. I'm on your side, just pointing this out, as floating metatags don't seem to carry the same impact as a strong watermark.
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Hire an attorney and sue them. In the US, you can ask for additional damages, so this could be profitable. Even if you tell the attorney to take the case on contingency it is worth a shot.
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Your link to the jazz festival is broken. It should be:
Based on this review, this was the very first place we went to in October 2010. He doesn't speak great English and don't sit at any tables across the street to eat unless you want to be insulted by various restaurant owners (even if you plan to eat there at the same time!). His food was great and we enjoyed the area even through the rain we had that day.
After much Googling, I found this for photo number three of the above statues: Paul Dubois's sculpture, Le Chant (Song) was erected on the main facade of Opéra National de Paris Garnier, between 1860 and 1869. Hanging over Le Chant is Charles-Alphonse-Achille Gumery's medallian of Giovanni Battista Pergolèse. Pergolèse, or Pergolesi(1710–1736) was an Italian composer, violinist and organist and one was one of the most important early figures in opera buffa (comic opera).
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As a SharePoint consultant with 40 years in IT (yeah I have coded in COBOL, so get over it already), my interview technique is pretty simple. I ask the interviewee to give me a detailed description of their SharePoint experience. Then I might intersperse more detailed questions during their dialog. I figure if you can't tell me exactly what you have done, then you actually haven't done it. One problem with ALL technical interviews is that you can always find obscure questions with equally obscure answers to either eliminate a candidate or throw them off of their interview game. So allow the candidate to tell their own story and make your judgement from that.
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