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Mike Epperson
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Wow.. Can't believe I'm actually replying on a blog post of Wil Wheaton. Its like we grew up together but you dont even know me. Reading your post about River and Corey, I feel as if i'm the ghost in the room that watched it all play out. When I was in my teens and going thru troubles in life, I watched stand by me as did most here and was moved of course. As I grew and watched you on TNG and Corey on various other movies like Goonies and Lost Boys I felt a part of something. Thanks for bearing your feelings about River. You write and discuss these things and it makes me feel what you feel thru the writing. I remember River dying and at the time, though I wasn't a big fan or anything, I had felt a sense of loss because of stand by me. Thanks for being there thru the years to keep me sane.
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Aug 11, 2011