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Thanks for another excellent and insightful article, you made me realise what I love so much about Quora. Don't get me wrong I have been recommending SO to people for years, as an example of how crowd sourced Q&A should work. The problem for me personally is that only a very small fraction of my near 15k of network connections are programmers. While I value crowd source massively it is blown away by connect source. Most of my biggest problems are not 'how does this work?' but 'why does it work?' and 'will it work tomorrow?'. For those questions, some tenuous path back to the source of the intelligence, some prior knowledge or some common friends are far more important. But as you can see from my answer, you are dead right, it's all about communication skills.
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from the UK's Amazon review section: 'I have to admit that I bought this book thinking on something quite different. The title led me to think that this was a guide on how to recognize "by yourself" (no users, no usability tests, just heuristic evaluation -or, at least, also heuristic evaluation-) some common usability problems and I also believed that it was going to provide a set of common, fast, effective and low-cost solutions to them. (Quite funny thing a misleading title for a usability book, anyway) I soon realized that I was wrong, because it is only on usability tests with users. You won't find any solution in this book, just a nice guide on how to recruit participants, prepare and run the tests.' Only the names of the guilty have been omitted! Spread the love ;0)
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