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Pamela, I greatly enjoyed meeting you last week here in Sugar Land. I'm Still Your Huckleberry… Keep up the pressure…they're beginning to crack.. Mike
Pam, here is my letter to the Hyatt group.. To whom it may concern…, please be advised that I'm dissappointed by the posture of the Hyatt Properties, in regards to the Sugar Land, Tx incident from Oct 18, 2011. Specifically, I am a long time customer/guest of the Hyatt Properties, here in the Houston area, many times in NYC areas, Hawaii, and recently over in Europe, particularly in Germany and Amsterdam. Additionally, I am in the pretense of setting up our daughters wedding soon, and was planning on using the Hyatt Place for a 25+ room block for incoming "out of town guests". Your treatment of Pamela Geller is despicable and embarrassing for our town. This story is going around the world, and the spin in the media is ALL ONE-SIDED against the TeaParty attendees and Pamela's message. Too bad, no-one bothered themselves to get the truth out, but instead relied on "rent-a-thugs" to protest outside, and make it a big story… The problem wasn't "inside' the meeting, it was outside..pure and simple. I should know, I was inside and a "attendee" … I don't care to waste anymore effort to peruse the Hyatt as a possible hotel in the future if they "acquiesces to protecting the message of Islam", and disparage the message of American's who love their Country. It is locally being reported that it was a "business decision and for the care and safety of the customers"… Hyatt didn't feel like having the Tea Party hold a conference at that facility, because Hyatt didn't want controversy and protestors disrupting guests… Okay, I can understand this…but I find it at the height of hypocrisy. So why didn't the Hyatt cancel Ahmadinejad? There were protests against that genocidal monster when he stays at the Hyatt in NY. Regards, and best wishes on your new best buddies…CAIR Mike K.
I was there in attendance last night. We got to the Hyatt, and were handed a map to the new location…The hotel clerk didn't say why it was moved. We go a mile to the new location, and are greeted by the "protestors, thugs and libtards" out in the parking lot, pitching a hissy-fit… LARGE police presence in total view and control of the situation… the problem was OUTSIDE, NOT INSIDE… Pamela was disappointed in the fact that the Hyatt also cancelled her room, as well as the conference room… They knew well in advance who and what she represented, and only acquiesced to the CAIR thuggery, at the last minute. People, we have to wake up to the fact, that we are all under assault by the left, and their lapdogs in the media… The damn fools sitting in the shrubbery in NYC, chanting and smoking dope, are complaining about hard working Americans, paying taxes and raising their families.. Our Generation, has to be the "ones" who will stop this madness, and be the group that SAVED America, once again from domestic and foreign assaults. Pamela is a TRUE PATRIOT…and "I for ONE, have her back"...
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Oct 19, 2011