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^^^ Also, note that when I built my house, I had put a cat closet in there specially plumbed for the CatGenie, so I REALLY wanted it to work. Massive disappointment.
If you're going to go down the automatic litterbox route (which you should, unless the cats can go outdoors for that) there is really only one choice: The Litter Robot. I did the CatGenie, the Littermaid, and the ScoopFree and they all pretty much suck. Various problems with each. The CatGenie is probably the worst because it stays on for like 20 minutes every time the clean cycle starts. Massive energy hog. The others are super noisy and need to be cleaned a lot. I've had the Litter Robot for about a year now and haven't even cleaned it once. It's the best.
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May 7, 2012