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Yvonne, You are so correct about transcription errors in census records. In 1860, my GGGgrandmother's last name was transcribed as Luginbill, and on the census itself, it looks like the transcription was accurate; in 1870, her last name was transcribed as Lugenfehl, although on the census itself, it looks much more likely to have been Lugenbehl. At this time, I don't have access to documents to determine her last name - born in Switzerland in or about 1796, died in DeKalb County, Indiana in the 1870s. In 1860, her daughter (my GGgrandmother) is listed with a first name of Susannah; in 1870, her first name is listed as 'Anaana'!
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How about the reverse - where you have additional families that you want to split off? My mother remarried after my father died, and from that second marriage, I have a half-sister, whose family I have included in my family tree file (as many of her ancestors as I've been able to document and record AND all their descendants I've been able to document and record). If I want to send information to my relatives on my father's side, I might want to exclude the information from my half-sister's family, and/or my mother's side. Is there an easy way to do this, or if not easy, some manner other than one-by-one rerecording the information in a separate file, then deleting it one-by-one from the 'master file'?
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