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Henne is on his rookie contract. he is worth more than Moore, but not so much more that Henne should consider holding out, because he should be happy we weren't able to score a decided upgrade. If he tore it up, he could have held out. If he was so bad he had no hope, he would have been cut. Our Chad Henne is somewhere in between. He flashes at times, sucks at times, and aspires to be in the middle of the pack with respect to league wide QB talent.
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By the way, for those that keep track of such things, I've changed by Twitter name from LipsInToronto to Mike_Lips.
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VD and Smith have potential, but they are not the top duo. I would say, more like top 10. As for the Dolphins, we have the potential to fizzle out and get 4 wins if our OL suffers a few injuries and our D doesn't hold up to the hype, but I think the changes they made in the offseason certainly improve this team's speed. I mean, he is you and raw, but if Gates can be our Mike Wallace, our defense becomes as dominant as they potentially could be and Henne is the best he can be (which is probably 12 to 15 best in the league), we are better than the jets and in the playoffs.
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Aug 26, 2011