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Mike MacLellan
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Joe, Long time reader, first time commenting. I'm a marathoner/ultra-marathoner who's currently at a fitness level that will definitely allow me to go sub-3 next time I hit the roads, but I want to do as much as I can to go even lower; what's the point in training for a race if you know ahead of time that the goal is "easily" within reach? My limiters are essentially any paces above LT. My 10k PR is definitely soft, and I don't even bother racing 5k's because I hate red-line efforts. Would this fall into the category of "general limiters" and therefore be better addressed early on in my training cycle? I'm not overly concerned with race-specific limiters, since MP runs as well as hill work are both "easy" and enjoyable for me, and my ultra-running training is taking care of my aerobic endurance more than sufficiently. Thanks in advance! -Mike
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Sep 9, 2011