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KIT digital, (KITD) just raised $31 mil. with the stated intent to acquire another property. This might be a complimentary pick up and they will have plenty of that $31m left over.
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"There isn't any, unless of course you are the movie studios and are greedy, making more money off something that costs you less to distribute." Ummm, you buy a PPV movie for $4.99 from DirecTV, you watch it once, maybe twice if you like then it goes away. You watch a movie in a theater once for $10., you don't own it, you watch and enjoy it. How is the studio greedy? Sounds like a nice business model to me.
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I posted a few Google Earth views of Santa Anita Canyon and the approaching fire using the USFS KML overlay. It's close.
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So it's not Cal or UCLA but it is in the system. For the students that are fortunate enough to attend this nice little universtity it all counts as a UC education. Frankly I believe your view of UC Merced comes off as elitist, maybe I am overly sensitive here. My son will attend the school this year. I am a third generation Californian, he was born in Arizona.
Toggle Commented Jun 21, 2009 on College of the Future: UC Merced at Berkeley Blog
KIT Digital is hiring personnel in NY. Of course this blog has an embargo on ANY news pertinent to KIT digital so it is understandable it's not mentioned. Also they filed paperwork to trade on the NASDAQ. Also missed by this blog was a massive deal they annoumced with Blinkx. Just saying.......
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Mr.T. Mr T as B.A. (Bosco Albert) Baracus in the A-Team did it by just being himself. Norris is just too damn cool and that always looked practiced. "T" has battled cancer for more than 10 years but still goes about his career full speed, never asking for pity or consideration. Mr T is the real deal, true American original. Not taking anything away from Chuck Norris, he's the embodiment of great American. My two cents anyway.
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