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Mike Schlumpf
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I really want "Yet another Wil Wheaton Sausage Fest" Tee Shirt. If you make them, we will buy them.
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Will - you might consider getting a copper immersion wort chiller - I made one myself years ago when I was brewing in college, but considering the cost of them now, it's much easier to just buy one. Your local shop sells them I have little doubt. Just drop that sucker in the wort, run water though it from the sink and it cools magically in seconds. Copper + Water + Thermodynamics ='s Awesome
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Hey Wil, Just had a random thought, I (and I'm sure a ton of people that read your blog) would love to see you and Ryan make a single six pack of beer and auction it off for Child's Play. I would TOTALLY bid on that, just saying. I know you are friends with Penny Arcade (aka Mike and Jerry), and could totally make that happen. PS - I'm not trying to be all dickish and volunteer your time for stuff, I know you are seriously busy. I just thought it would be neat. If anything this random "thought" has reminded me I need to donate again this year. -Mike
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Wil - Next time you make a porter or a stout make your bread and freeze it until the beer is ready to drink. Add pastrami, Sierra Nevada Brewery Mustard, and a good swiss cheese to your dark porter/stout bread, drink with aforementioned Beer. Enjoy, and thank me later. PS - Just recently got into Eureka because of you, made it though Season 1 this week, though I have skipped ahead to see the Wheaton episodes. Well done sir, well done.
Toggle Commented Aug 1, 2011 on on birthdays and making beer at WWdN: In Exile
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Aug 1, 2011