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Mike Shahan
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Can a mobile QB win a Super Bowl? Can you Remember Steve Young?
i don't understand "Adding a loss of down to the penalty for kicking a loose ball, as is the case in college football" is it like when the play is over and one of the players kicks a ball or when a punt or FG is blocked and the P/K trys to kick it after words sorry but i don't get it
but the teams that under payed players are fine right.... this is just more NFL BS and bulling teams to get money
how is changing a logo we pretty much had for 80 years "pays tribute to the past" ? and it looks like crap. a W you kidding me ?
those are so ugly i think the browns is the only good one
I think we should ink Eddie Royal he would bring in some good depth
i think if Buchanon cant play then he should of been placed on IR a few weeks ago and Thompson might be good some day so why not give a rookie a chance to prove himself
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Nov 5, 2011