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And by Jim Jackson I meant Jimmy King my apologizes and I just imagined the Fab 5 with Jim Jackson WOW hahah.
The last time Michigan won 4 straight in this series by the record book is 1990. They won 4 straight but those wins are tucked away and make Jim Jackson really upset when he goes to Crisler Arena (not a center to me). Watch out for Brenden Dawson kid has been a monster since the first Michigan game.
Tell me what Michigan go in these games: @ND @OSU vs MSU vs Wisc @Neb @Iowa
I have a few questions and comments about this one. First of all thanks for the shout out hahah. But for the game my question is how come Wisconsin's turnover's were mistakes and Msu's turnover was a great play by Wisc. That seems to be the sediment for most of the turnovers that msu gets, in all big games. Cousins has played two straight great games on the road. As for the schedule look at them lol. Go game by game and tell me if Mich wins this game: @ND @OSU vs MSU vs Wisc @Neb @Iowa
True story, Joey and I saw Chris Martin at the Landshark on a Thursday night when he was calling a Saturday night game (I think it was the 09 Iowa game). So it is completely possible that Bellotti was "putting on the full court press" at Rick's hahahha.
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Oct 26, 2011
Okay the Thug U was just a little shot not directed at you. I did not say that Cousins was the better play I said that Cousins played the better game. He got the play to his guys in position to make plays and most importantly he did not make any mistakes. While Wilson threw 2 picks and was the cause of a safety. My point was on that day Cousins was better. As for Dantiono I will say it again he was asked what the play was, he did not just say it like he did after the Notre Dame game last year. I will give him a pass on the Notre Dame game last year because he was just about to have a heart attack.
Kevin how was Dantiono being smug at the end of the game? He was giving credit to his O Cord because he has taken a lot of heat, and rightfully so, for his play calling and schemes this year. Plus Erin Andrews asked him what the play was called, what was he supposed to do lie? Let's face on this night for one game Cousins outplayed Wilson. You have every right to think that Wisconsin is the better team but Michigan State came to play in a big game and basically made one mistake the entire game. 0 penalties... so much for THUG U hahaahah.
Kevin I have a few comments/questions here. First it was Harper Woods Bishop Gallagher but that's not big deal easy mistake. As far as your comments about Valenti go I have a few questions. How can you say the things that you are saying about him when you admit that you rarely listen to V & F? I agree with the point that he has become a lightning rod regarding the rivalry and most of the people that call in are idiots. He is pretty fair in his criticism of both sides and I think that he means it when he is ripping on State and gives Michigan credit. The real problem that has developed this past few years is that MSU fans have taken the smack talking to a new level because of the years of defeat. While the Michigan fans have sat there and made excuses and grasped at straws citing Iowa and Alabama as reason MSU is inferior, when MSU came to the Big House and dominated. They need to just take their medicine and move on. My final point in this long post is that Michigan fans need to learn how to say you know what MSU is a pretty good team that is capable of beating us. Michigan fans need to stop citing the history of the program as if it is relevant to the current year. And MSU fans need to stop always comparing themselves to Michigan. We are not Michigan, we need to focus on making our program better and hopefully that leads to beating Michigan. The days of being more excited to a Michigan loss than an MSU win need to be over.
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Oct 12, 2011